Let we take this opportunity to say Welcome! You have decided to visit www.greenhillsfoods.com for all your health and wellness needs. We believe that we offer high quality, unique and exceptional natural products at affordable prices no matter your diet or personal goal(s).

 This is keeping with our vision “Committed to making health and nutrition affordable for mankind.”

Green Hills Natural Foods, is a privately held for profit, Limited Liability company incorporated in Jamaica on the 25th June 2008 by the Keith Family headed by Mr. Ricardo Keith. The company’s primary mandate is to provide affordable health, wellness, and knowledge through the production of Functional Foods, Natural Cosmetics, Medicinal Herbs, Sports and Nutrition and related goods and services.

The birth of the idea behind the company concept came in 2001 when as an employee for the late Dr Vance Lannaman – who I consider the pioneer of natural foods on Jamaica, developed blood circulation issues. He decided to stop taking conventional medicines since they were not giving him the result he wanted. With the use of natural medicinal herbs and a change in his diet and exercise, was able to remedy that situation. It was from then I realized the power of natural medicine.

In an effort to “spread the message that Nutrition, Exercise and Rest and integral components for health and wellness, the family decided to manufacture products for the previous mentioned products groups. We also wanted to showcase the capability of Jamaican manufacturers to the rest of the world


 “Committed to making health and nutrition affordable for mankind.”


Green Hills Natural Foods takes great pride in selecting natural and wholesome ingredients from our local suppliers while supporting early childhood education. We pledge to only offer the best in quality products and services to help our valuable and loyal customers achieve and maintain a healthy wealthy lifestyle.


Our core values will shape the culture of our company and will guide how we behave and make decisions. These include:




Commercialization and Intellectual Property Protection


Commitment to Independent Research


Stakeholder Involvement

Value creation and Corporate Social Responsibility

Protecting the Environment.



We promise to listen to you, our customer, and provide wholesome, high-quality products that support your way of life while sticking to our core values. We also promise to act responsibly in choosing products, pricing and storing of these items. We also provide our valued customers with friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff to help you achieve your goal(s). Green Hills Natural Foods believes in:

Competitive Pricing

High quality products

Safe climate-controlled storage

Friendly, efficient service

Guaranteed Satisfaction